My Braided Hair 💁

Just this past week I had my hair braided by my friend’s mom. All my hair was braided up and then into two little buns. I kept the braids in for three whole days and enjoyed not having to check to make sure if my hair looked okay. :p


I took a few photos of my outfit and hair at the pool when I went last week and the sunlight was perfect for it. When I did finally take my hair out, it was really curly and poofy and too ugly to go anywhere in! 😂

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Today at The Carnival 🎡

Today I went to a carnival with my sister Adriel.

We rode almost every ride and we had a ton of fun.

My parents gave us twenty bucks and we bought some snow cones, a chili dog and some fresh squeezed lemonade. Just like all carnival food, it was really good.

Out of all the rides there, we ended up riding the flying swings the most. They took us pretty high and it was a great view.

This photo of me on this beautiful horse is on my Instagram profile. Click HERE to see it!

Adriel got her face painted as a fox and I got a glitter tattoo of Darth Vader on my left arm.

Overall, it was a great day and I really enjoyed hanging out with my sister! ♡

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Getting My hair Bleached

Hey Y’all! ♥ It’s me Toni. I wanted to post about my new bleaching and cutting that has taken place recently. The last time I cut my hair was on December 28, 2014. Since then  I’ve been letting it grow out to where it looks like this:

image1 image2

I had been wanting my hair to be really short. I was begging and begging my mom to let me cut it but she didn’t. Instead she said that we should bleach it. That basically means that we put some bleach on my head, let it sit there and do it’s job, and then rinse it out and look at it. My Mom has bleached my hair before with a bleaching kit so she decided to do it herself again.

The first thing we did was buy our bleach kit at a Sally Beauty Supply store near us. The brand is Beyond The Zone and the one we buy is called the “Radical Bleach Kit”. It looks like this.


Then my mom brushed all my hair down.


The whole point from here until you take the cap off, is to look like an idiot, so if you look like one then congratulate yourself. Now let’s move on.

Then I put on my frosting cap and tied the strings so that it didn’t come off.


Then my mom pokes this little needle in the holes in the cap and pulls out little strands of hair. Those strands show you what to bleach. The rest of the cap protects your head from the bleach chemical.

WARNING! This needle process HURTS!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah folks. See that ugly face? That’s the result of someone pecking at your head for an hour!!!!! If you want an ugly face for the rest of your life then I suggest you try this. Because it really hurts!

When all of the holes are filled with your hair then it’s up to the bathroom! image12

We put the bleach on my hair and then left it on my head for about 10-15 minutes (It would take longer if my hair was darker). Then we rinsed it out of my hair and dried it.

For me that wasn’t enough. I loved it bleached but I still wanted it shorter. So I begged my mom and she finally cut it!!! ♥♥♥ She just shaved one side of my head and it looks like I’m 16!

image15 image14 image16 image17 image18 image13 image19

Three or four days after that haircut, I was getting kind of upset because I was constantly touching my hair and moving it to the certain side that wasn’t shaved. So we decided to shave the other side of my head. It looks really cute and I love it!

FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

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