Scrabble Date❤️

My friend Beka and I are hooked on Scrabble and so I invited her to play with me all afternoon.

We work together and help each other out sometimes and I believe we get better and better every game.

I had so much fun and we’re gonna meet up again soon to play more! 


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Wednesday Night Fun🌙

Last night one of my good friends Beka came over to have a teenager sleepover! 😅

She came over and we played a bunch of board games that I own, including Rummikub!

Beka didn’t know how to play Rummikub so I taught her and she picked up the game really quickly. Soon enough she was making runs and sets like nobody’s business! ❤️


After we played a few games I thought it’d be really fun to build a fort with her giant blanket she brought over and a few chairs from my dinning room!


We then ran downstairs to grab some chairs and draped the big blanket on top of them.


The fort was big enough for us big kids to climb inside! 😄


My friend brought her light-up fidget spinner and it brightened up the entire inside of the fort. 🔦


Beka and I played a few rounds of dominoes inside our fort using my sister’s mini set! 😅

We went to bed shortly after midnight and we woke up at around 8:20.

My mom bought us some cinnamon rolls to throw in the oven and we ate those for breakfast… I just forgot to take a picture of them when they were done. We ate them so fast I didn’t have the chance! 😝



Baka and I played many games of Scrabble together and we both scored over two hundred almost every game!

One of the games Beka won 236-234! My score was soooooo close! ❤️IMG_1594

Building the fort made us feel way younger and playing Scrabble may have expanded our minds… ya never know! 😂

I had a really good time and we had so many laughs…. ❤️

Thanks for coming over Beka!

My New Teddy Bear 🐻

I know what you’re thinking. This is just another teenage girl who got a three foot tall teddy bear. Well, you’re wrong. This is just another teenage girl who got an EIGHT FOOT tall teddy bear! 🐻

Yesterday one of my friends Ray came over to my house and he brought me a late birthday gift. I had been wanting one of these since before Christmas but I never dreamed I’d actually get one! It took my friend and I about seven minutes to get through all the tape and plastic wrapping be able to see it.


The teddy bear was folded up and squeezed into a vacuum bag to be able to be shipped and I cannot believe it fit in the box that it did!


The teddy was too heavy for me to lift by myself, so my friend just lifted him up and he was so dang big. Seriously! The bear was so much taller than when he was sitting down and it would be scary if he wasn’t so soft and cuddly. ☺️


Later we went down to a beach restaurant and had a few drinks and some food outside on their patio. We played some cards and then had to go inside the restaurant around sundown because the bugs were eating us up. 😂


When I got home I had a little bit of a hard time getting my bear up into my room and I probably should’ve asked for help but I eventually made it! 😂 He is a lot heavier than he looks! 😄

He is so big I could probably just chunk my mattress and just sleep on him instead. 😅 I haven’t thought of a name for him yet so if you have any suggestions lemmie know! ❤️

I love my teddy bear so much! ❤️

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Doody Calls!

Howdy peps!!!! I’m posting today to tell Y’all about my first real job, or, ya know… The first real time I’m being paid to do something!!! 😋😋😋


I now classify as a “dog walker” (AKA crap-picker-upper-professional). 🙂 IMG_4337IMG_4336 FindingNemoWallpaper2800

This boxer here is Crush. Named after the turtle in Finding Nemo. The name suits him and I think it’s cute! He loves to run while I’m on my blades and he can go pretty fast if it’s not too hot outside! Crush’s human took this picture of him right after a nice blade-run. He’s pooped!😀😀😀


I walk Crush everyday while his humans go to work. I also walk his buddy Princess too.


Don’t exactly know what breed she is but she loves to sit on the couch and look at you as if to say, “If you think you can get me of this couch and take me for a walk you’re crazy!”


Even crush tries to get her to go outside but that never works…


She just rolls over and gives you the “PET ME NOW” stare. 🙂


I also took care of a little dog named Aspen for a friend of mine for a whole weekend while they were out at Disney world. I don’t really know his breed either. Aspen’s humans like him to stay behind the dog gate and every time I went into the house to feed him or to let him out he just stood there at the gate, staring at me! I didn’t look into his crazy Medusa eyes because then I felt bad for locking him up.


Whenever I leashed him up and took him outside he got really happy and he jumped around! He looks like the armadillo’s cousin and I’m just waiting for him to get scared and roll up into a ball!


My friend Zach has a little dog named Raisin. She lives next door and she’s little black Shih Tzu. Raisin’s humans asked me to take care of her for the weekend while they went out of town. She was so excited to see me every time I went inside her house to take her for a walk that if I even touched her she would pee on the tile. Thank goodness I was able to locate the cleaning spray and paper towels or else Raisin’s owners would’ve stepped in lots of dog pee after their long trip! 🙂 I guess I did a great job of wiping up the floor because they didn’t say a word about it! 🙂



Here’s a picture of Raisin and my dog Shiraz after a play date in the hot sun. Their tongues are sticking out and they’re laying in the shade.


Although picking up crap sucks, I really like taking care of dogs. First, because It’s the nice neighborly thing to do and second, I end up with a little wad of cash at the end to call my own!!! 😎👉💰$

I also took the time to take some selfies… Which I don’t do very often. On the last photo the sun got in my eye. Still kinda cute though! 🙂



This post is for my neighbors’ dogs and their humans. 🙂

THX FO’ READIN’ and I’ll post to y’all later! BYE!!! 🙂