Weekend Adventures 🌳🎅

Here in Tampa there’s a salvage place that has a lot of cool stuff. When I say “cool”, I basically mean old and dusty. 😅 The place is called Schiller’s and my family and I went there in hopes of finding some pretty wood for a bench that we want to build. When we arrived, the first thing I saw was this HUGE Santa statue standing right in front of the building. Even though it’s nowhere near Christmas, I just had to take a picture with him!☺️


There’s a big yard in front of the building with wood, statues, and old pieces of who knows what. Then you go up few stairs and there’s a ton of stuff inside the building. From old tools to creepy signs, this place has it all.


There’s definitely a lot of weird stuff in that store but I just kept walking and tried to ignore it. 😂 We didn’t end up finding anything we wanted at Schiller’s so we went right down the road to another place called Barn Works which is a reclaimed wood warehouse.


This place was really interesting. If you need wood, they got wood. There were a ton of planks and slabs of wood that really caught my eye and it was pleasing to look at.


Barn Works, like Schiller’s, had a front yard with lots of stuff in it.


My parents found two really pretty pieces of wood that were perfect for our bench that my Dad is gonna build. FullSizeRender-8


The lady that showed us around was named Susan. She was really nice and she helped us find the wood that we were looking for. She even had her dog with her at work and my sister and I were able to pet her.


The dog’s name was Lily and she was a sweetheart. ❤️

I had a great day with my family shopping for wood at these salvage stores. 😅❤️

Thanks for reading this blog post!

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A Small Feast🍎🐹

Two posts in one day. Wow. I didn’t think I had it in me. 😀 This is my hamster R2-D2. He is enjoying a small feast of vegetables and seeds. I took these beautiful pictures with my Canon and I think it captured my cute little furry beast perfectly. 🐹img_4685img_4684img_4677

He absolutely loves broccoli and carrots. I had some of these vegetables in my refrigerator and I knew he would love some.img_4672

Almost as soon as I grabbed the food for the hamster, my two dogs came trailing along behind me. 🐹🚶🏼…🐺🐶img_4673img_4693

I love this photo. I captured it at the perfect moment. R2-d2 has his entire face shoved into the pile of delicious seeds-clearly in his own world-and my dog Shiraz is checking him out. She probably wants to know how he got the food and where she can get some.img_4692img_4688

My other dog Texas was also in the room. He was only there because he thought I was going to give him food too. He gets enough table scraps throughout the day… he doesn’t need even more human food.img_4681img_4690img_4676

My hamster was totally in the spotlight tonight. He was wearing his chic winter white fur coat and was rocking his stylish poses while eating some healthy vegan food. 🐹

He must really enjoy his life. He is such a spoiled pet! 😂😆

Doody Calls!

Howdy peps!!!! I’m posting today to tell Y’all about my first real job, or, ya know… The first real time I’m being paid to do something!!! 😋😋😋


I now classify as a “dog walker” (AKA crap-picker-upper-professional). 🙂 IMG_4337IMG_4336 FindingNemoWallpaper2800

This boxer here is Crush. Named after the turtle in Finding Nemo. The name suits him and I think it’s cute! He loves to run while I’m on my blades and he can go pretty fast if it’s not too hot outside! Crush’s human took this picture of him right after a nice blade-run. He’s pooped!😀😀😀


I walk Crush everyday while his humans go to work. I also walk his buddy Princess too.


Don’t exactly know what breed she is but she loves to sit on the couch and look at you as if to say, “If you think you can get me of this couch and take me for a walk you’re crazy!”


Even crush tries to get her to go outside but that never works…


She just rolls over and gives you the “PET ME NOW” stare. 🙂


I also took care of a little dog named Aspen for a friend of mine for a whole weekend while they were out at Disney world. I don’t really know his breed either. Aspen’s humans like him to stay behind the dog gate and every time I went into the house to feed him or to let him out he just stood there at the gate, staring at me! I didn’t look into his crazy Medusa eyes because then I felt bad for locking him up.


Whenever I leashed him up and took him outside he got really happy and he jumped around! He looks like the armadillo’s cousin and I’m just waiting for him to get scared and roll up into a ball!


My friend Zach has a little dog named Raisin. She lives next door and she’s little black Shih Tzu. Raisin’s humans asked me to take care of her for the weekend while they went out of town. She was so excited to see me every time I went inside her house to take her for a walk that if I even touched her she would pee on the tile. Thank goodness I was able to locate the cleaning spray and paper towels or else Raisin’s owners would’ve stepped in lots of dog pee after their long trip! 🙂 I guess I did a great job of wiping up the floor because they didn’t say a word about it! 🙂



Here’s a picture of Raisin and my dog Shiraz after a play date in the hot sun. Their tongues are sticking out and they’re laying in the shade.


Although picking up crap sucks, I really like taking care of dogs. First, because It’s the nice neighborly thing to do and second, I end up with a little wad of cash at the end to call my own!!! 😎👉💰$

I also took the time to take some selfies… Which I don’t do very often. On the last photo the sun got in my eye. Still kinda cute though! 🙂



This post is for my neighbors’ dogs and their humans. 🙂

THX FO’ READIN’ and I’ll post to y’all later! BYE!!! 🙂