Weekend Adventures 🌳🎅

Here in Tampa there’s a salvage place that has a lot of cool stuff. When I say “cool”, I basically mean old and dusty. 😅 The place is called Schiller’s and my family and I went there in hopes of finding some pretty wood for a bench that we want to build. When we arrived, the first thing I saw was this HUGE Santa statue standing right in front of the building. Even though it’s nowhere near Christmas, I just had to take a picture with him!☺️


There’s a big yard in front of the building with wood, statues, and old pieces of who knows what. Then you go up few stairs and there’s a ton of stuff inside the building. From old tools to creepy signs, this place has it all.


There’s definitely a lot of weird stuff in that store but I just kept walking and tried to ignore it. 😂 We didn’t end up finding anything we wanted at Schiller’s so we went right down the road to another place called Barn Works which is a reclaimed wood warehouse.


This place was really interesting. If you need wood, they got wood. There were a ton of planks and slabs of wood that really caught my eye and it was pleasing to look at.


Barn Works, like Schiller’s, had a front yard with lots of stuff in it.


My parents found two really pretty pieces of wood that were perfect for our bench that my Dad is gonna build. FullSizeRender-8


The lady that showed us around was named Susan. She was really nice and she helped us find the wood that we were looking for. She even had her dog with her at work and my sister and I were able to pet her.


The dog’s name was Lily and she was a sweetheart. ❤️

I had a great day with my family shopping for wood at these salvage stores. 😅❤️

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How My Christmas Went

I know this post is… What? Three days late? Yeah. I think it’s three days late. Anyways. I know this post is really late but I guess too late would be in January! I’m posting about my Christmas and Christmas Eve. Since Christmas Eve comes first, then I’ll write on that first. On Christmas Eve I baked sugar cookies with my sister Adriel and with my Dad. We wanted a recipe for sugar cookies that you don’t have to freeze for hours so I looked online and found the perfect recipe. Here’s the link to these delicious sugar cookies: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-sugar-cookies/

I took lots of photos of us baking cookies. This is my dad cutting the shapes of some of the cookies (my sister and I got tired of that part after a while):IMG_1287

Here’s my sister standing next to the cookies she decorated:


Here are some plain cookies:


Here are the cookies in the oven:


We made homemade frosting and bought red sprinkles to spruce-up our Christmas cookies:



These are the cookies that I decorated:

IMG_7982 IMG_3609

Looking at these cookies after already eating them all, makes me want more!!!! I took a selfie with the cookies:


I could never forget about my baby on a holiday like this so I made her a cookie with her name on it:


Merry Christmas Pookster! (Pookster is my hamster!)

IMG_0596 IMG_3919

My sister took a picture of me pretending to sneek a taste of icing. LOL!!!


My mom baked a frozen pie for us:

IMG_7622 IMG_0476

We shared our cookies with the neighborhood and had lots of fun eating them! That’s how my Christmas Eve Went!!!! Now… I know you’re wondering about WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!! 

  1. A new haircut!!!!!! My parents let me cut my hair again just like I wanted!

Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #2 Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #4 Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #3

2. A Lego® set that I’ve been wantin’ for a while. The 3-in-1 Monkey and Toucan set:



3.(And this one’s the best!) With my Christmas money I bought a San Antonio Spurs Mascot Coyote… PILLOW PET!!!!! He’s sooooooooo cute!!!

Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.45 AM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.06 PM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.07 PM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.07 PM #2

I hope you had a great Christmas too! If so, then please comment below and tell me about it! Also like if you read this whole post! Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.08 PM THX FO’ READIN’ & Merry Christmas!!! ♥