In-N-Out Burger ❤︎

Today my dad took me to get dinner at In- N-Out burger. I ordered a cheeseburger with no onions, fries, and a 7-Up. It was my first time at in and out burger and I really liked it.😊

Having never been to this fast food place before, I was really surprised by the small menu. At the same time I kind of liked it because sometimes when going into a fast food place the menu is so large and the options so many, you feel rushed by the people behind you and you feel like you can never really make a decision! 😂  

The food was really good (although I’m really partial to McDonald’s fries so I was not a fan of their’s 😂) and I would definitely go there again!

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Staying in Boise ❤︎

While I’m in Boise I get to see some pretty cool places and y’all know I love to take pictures of everything and put it in a blog post so here it is! 😊 

The place I stayed at had a cute little pond and I wanted to take a picture to remember it. ❤︎

The beach-like area around it had a really cool fire pit.

There was also a garden with a few vegetables. The watermelon was so tiny and cute! 🍉 ♥️

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Woodpecker Pictures

There was a beautiful little woodpecker in the trees today and I ran and got my camera to take a couple pictures of him.

I’ve always been a fan of woodpeckers and this little guy was super cute!

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Scrabble Date❤️

My friend Beka and I are hooked on Scrabble and so I invited her to play with me all afternoon.

We work together and help each other out sometimes and I believe we get better and better every game.

I had so much fun and we’re gonna meet up again soon to play more! 


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Wednesday Night Fun🌙

Last night one of my good friends Beka came over to have a teenager sleepover! 😅

She came over and we played a bunch of board games that I own, including Rummikub!

Beka didn’t know how to play Rummikub so I taught her and she picked up the game really quickly. Soon enough she was making runs and sets like nobody’s business! ❤️


After we played a few games I thought it’d be really fun to build a fort with her giant blanket she brought over and a few chairs from my dinning room!


We then ran downstairs to grab some chairs and draped the big blanket on top of them.


The fort was big enough for us big kids to climb inside! 😄


My friend brought her light-up fidget spinner and it brightened up the entire inside of the fort. 🔦


Beka and I played a few rounds of dominoes inside our fort using my sister’s mini set! 😅

We went to bed shortly after midnight and we woke up at around 8:20.

My mom bought us some cinnamon rolls to throw in the oven and we ate those for breakfast… I just forgot to take a picture of them when they were done. We ate them so fast I didn’t have the chance! 😝



Baka and I played many games of Scrabble together and we both scored over two hundred almost every game!

One of the games Beka won 236-234! My score was soooooo close! ❤️IMG_1594

Building the fort made us feel way younger and playing Scrabble may have expanded our minds… ya never know! 😂

I had a really good time and we had so many laughs…. ❤️

Thanks for coming over Beka!

Spending Sunday With My Friend ❤️😊

Today my best friend spent the whole day with me. We met up at the mall and then I drove her to my house.


We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and grabbed some snacks. We bought a jug of sweet tea and some cheese puffs and well as some clementines to feel like we’re staying healthy. 😅 We were both so excited to see each other again and we had a great time!


We played Mancala for a really long time while talking, eating, laughing, and catching up with each other! 😇IMG_1310


We baked some chocolate chip cookies and enjoyed eating those with milk! ❤️🍪


I saw a pineapple on the kitchen counter and then just randomly asked Sofia, “Would you like to take some pictures with fruit?!” She said yes and so I set up my Canon and we took a ton of funny photos! 😄


This one was awesome. I’m eating flaming hot Cheetos and she is karate kicking the air to try and protect her cookie. 😄  IMG_1384IMG_1398

Slumpy shoulders… 😂


I thought this one was cute because I bent down to her height and then we both just started laughing. ❤️


In this one we were trying to figure out what pose we would try next.


This one is so cute! ☕️


There were many goofy moments to be sure! 😝


This picture was basically a balance-a-fruit-on-top-of-your-head- contest! 😃


There were so many funny moments and adorable times and today will never be forgotten! Thanks for spending the day with me Sofia! ❤️

Weekend Adventures 🌳🎅

Here in Tampa there’s a salvage place that has a lot of cool stuff. When I say “cool”, I basically mean old and dusty. 😅 The place is called Schiller’s and my family and I went there in hopes of finding some pretty wood for a bench that we want to build. When we arrived, the first thing I saw was this HUGE Santa statue standing right in front of the building. Even though it’s nowhere near Christmas, I just had to take a picture with him!☺️


There’s a big yard in front of the building with wood, statues, and old pieces of who knows what. Then you go up few stairs and there’s a ton of stuff inside the building. From old tools to creepy signs, this place has it all.


There’s definitely a lot of weird stuff in that store but I just kept walking and tried to ignore it. 😂 We didn’t end up finding anything we wanted at Schiller’s so we went right down the road to another place called Barn Works which is a reclaimed wood warehouse.


This place was really interesting. If you need wood, they got wood. There were a ton of planks and slabs of wood that really caught my eye and it was pleasing to look at.


Barn Works, like Schiller’s, had a front yard with lots of stuff in it.


My parents found two really pretty pieces of wood that were perfect for our bench that my Dad is gonna build. FullSizeRender-8


The lady that showed us around was named Susan. She was really nice and she helped us find the wood that we were looking for. She even had her dog with her at work and my sister and I were able to pet her.


The dog’s name was Lily and she was a sweetheart. ❤️

I had a great day with my family shopping for wood at these salvage stores. 😅❤️

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My New Teddy Bear 🐻

I know what you’re thinking. This is just another teenage girl who got a three foot tall teddy bear. Well, you’re wrong. This is just another teenage girl who got an EIGHT FOOT tall teddy bear! 🐻

Yesterday one of my friends Ray came over to my house and he brought me a late birthday gift. I had been wanting one of these since before Christmas but I never dreamed I’d actually get one! It took my friend and I about seven minutes to get through all the tape and plastic wrapping be able to see it.


The teddy bear was folded up and squeezed into a vacuum bag to be able to be shipped and I cannot believe it fit in the box that it did!


The teddy was too heavy for me to lift by myself, so my friend just lifted him up and he was so dang big. Seriously! The bear was so much taller than when he was sitting down and it would be scary if he wasn’t so soft and cuddly. ☺️


Later we went down to a beach restaurant and had a few drinks and some food outside on their patio. We played some cards and then had to go inside the restaurant around sundown because the bugs were eating us up. 😂


When I got home I had a little bit of a hard time getting my bear up into my room and I probably should’ve asked for help but I eventually made it! 😂 He is a lot heavier than he looks! 😄

He is so big I could probably just chunk my mattress and just sleep on him instead. 😅 I haven’t thought of a name for him yet so if you have any suggestions lemmie know! ❤️

I love my teddy bear so much! ❤️

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Longboard Photos

I just wanted to post some photos that I took today with my longboard. My mom bought me a bunch of stickers online and I chose my favorites and threw ’em on my board. 😁😍

I posted this photo on my Instagram. Click HERE or on the photo to see it on my Instagram! 👇👇👇

I’ve been super busy and I haven’t been able to post lately. Sorry about that! 😊 

Thanks for reading! ❤︎

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Fidget Spinner Review

Hey Guys! So anyone who knows me, knows that I got a new fidget spinner a few days ago. I have had a few friends already ask me how the fidget spinner from Learning Express is and if they should get one from that store. I decided to create a YouTube video reviewing the fidget spinners from Learning Express.

So if you’re contemplating buying a spinner, or if you just would like to hear about my fidget spinner, this video is perfect for you! 

Thanks for your time! 😊❤️

My New Fidget Spinner 😍

Hey y’all! So my parents gave me a fidget spinner today and I wanted to tell everyone about it because it’s really cool! 😂

If you don’t know what a fidget spinner is, or haven’t seen one, then you obviously haven’t been out and about lately. 😄

It’s the newest fad and it’s particularly popular with children and even teenagers like myself. 😇

This toy was originally made for people who fidget. Like for people who bounce their knees up and down and click their pen top a lot. It was made so that, instead of bouncing around in your chair while you’re at work or in school, you actually have something to do with your hands that isn’t embarrassing. 😇

Honestly, it has become much more than that now and even though kids (like me) don’t have a fidgeting problem, they buy one just to play with!

Anyways, It’s a cool toy that spins around and around endlessly and it’s super fun and addicting. The spinner I got is red with black bearings!


We took a trip today to the mall and then Starbucks. I took a whole bunch of photos and so I just decided to post them here! 😂



I took a few photos at the house before we left. ♡ I posted this one on my Instagram. Click HERE to see it!


I took a picture in this mirror at the Foot Locker store at the mall… that’s why you can see a giant wall of beautiful shoes behind me. ☺️


We drove to Starbucks after that and my parents bought me a Mocha Frappuccino. ♥︎

Oh, and this picture has no filter! ♡


Whenever I get a drink at Starbucks, I always use the Snapchat dog filter on the little mermaid lady… I think it’s cute. 😍


I had a great day chilling with my new fidget spinner and my family! I really love my family!❤️

Also, if you’d like to see my most recent YouTube video on how to make your own fidget spinner out of some bearings and zip ties, click HERE!

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Fries Before Guys 😚🍟

Hey everybody! Today is a very special day and I wanted to notify all of you. Five years ago today, I started this blog. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. FIVE YEARS IS A LONG TIME!… And I agree with you completely. Although there have been times where I’ve gone few days –OKAY!… MONTHS– without posting, this blog has been a continuous part of my life and I’m so grateful for that! So today, I’m announcing that my blog is no longer “Four Years In the Making”, but is now “Five years In the Making”! ❤️

Alright, so I just went to McDonalds a few minutes ago and I wanted to post some pictures of me and the fries that I ate!


I really wanted some fries from McDonalds and so I asked my parents if we could go and grab some.

They, being the most awesome and spontaneous parents, decided that spending fifteen bucks on four large fries wasn’t such a bad idea after all! 😇IMG_4968IMG_4989

My mom bought me a a little tote bag this past year for Christmas that says, “Fries Before Guys”. I just thought, it’s only fitting for my blog post! ❤️IMG_4981

If you haven’t noticed already, I love fries. :pIMG_4980

I really wish that I could say that I went out to grab fries to celebrate this anniversary… but I can’t because that’d be a lie. 😂 I got the fries first, took the pictures, uploaded them to my computer, and not until then did I realize that today is my fifth year anniversary because I checked my notifications tab. 😇

Alright, so… if I hadn’t just decided tonight that I wanted fries from McDonalds, I never would have thought about posting or checking my notifications tab and I never would’ve remembered that today’s my big day! 😇

So I guess that all that happened tonight was for a reason and I’ll put this date in my calendar so I won’t forget next year! ☺️

Anyways, that’s all for tonight! Thank you for reading!

#fiveyearsinthemaking ❤️

Ricotta Cheese 🧀

Today I fed R2-D2 some ricotta cheese and strawberries. He always enjoys having fruits, vegetables, and cheese. I always give him variety but today he was very partial to the ricotta. I know he’ll eat the strawberries later when all the cheese is gone. 🙂


Thanks for reading. ☺︎

Lasagna Night

My Dad took me to the store and I said I wanted to make lasagna. We bought all the pasta, sauce, and cheese we needed for it. Tonight I made the lasagna by myself (with my mom’s guidance of course) and it actually tasted really good! 

I added red and yellow bell peppers. :p

I even had extra ingredients to make another slightly smaller pan of lasagna so now we have even more! I’m probably gonna wake up & have some for breakfast.

Thanks for reading! 😍 

How To Make Your Own Fidget Spinner

Watch my new youtube video on how to make your own fidget spinner!

I hope you enjoy!

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My Braided Hair 💁

Just this past week I had my hair braided by my friend’s mom. All my hair was braided up and then into two little buns. I kept the braids in for three whole days and enjoyed not having to check to make sure if my hair looked okay. :p


I took a few photos of my outfit and hair at the pool when I went last week and the sunlight was perfect for it. When I did finally take my hair out, it was really curly and poofy and too ugly to go anywhere in! 😂

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Today at The Carnival 🎡

Today I went to a carnival with my sister Adriel.

We rode almost every ride and we had a ton of fun.

My parents gave us twenty bucks and we bought some snow cones, a chili dog and some fresh squeezed lemonade. Just like all carnival food, it was really good.

Out of all the rides there, we ended up riding the flying swings the most. They took us pretty high and it was a great view.

This photo of me on this beautiful horse is on my Instagram profile. Click HERE to see it!

Adriel got her face painted as a fox and I got a glitter tattoo of Darth Vader on my left arm.

Overall, it was a great day and I really enjoyed hanging out with my sister! ♡

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Last Tuesday’s Photos ✰

Good morning everyone! I wanted to share some photos I took just this past Tuesday.

I really enjoy riding my longboard and I ride it almost everyday. These photos were taken right before the sun went down and they are all without filters because that’s the way I like it.

I posted one of these photos on my Instagram. Click the username below to see it:



I am trying to get back into the habit of posting more often! ❤︎

My New Sweatshirt👕

My momma bought me a new sweatshirt today at the store (and if you know me, you know I love sweatshirts), and I just wanted to post some photos in them. 💁🏼👕😻

I tried it on in the store and I absolutely loved it. ❤️ 

I took it home and then went on a little ride on my longboard. 

I love riding at night because I can turn my longboard light on. 🔦💡❤️️

Thanks for reading this small post!📝

Sweatshirt Selfies 📸

Today’s post will be short. I just wanted to post a few photos. 📷 Last night I took a few photos with my Canon in my Pink sweatshirt that I thought looked cute. It’s not everyday that my hair looks this good. ☺️


I put my hair in a little bun and called it good. 👩🏼




I tried to get the back of my sweatshirt in the photo but as you can see, that didn’t work out too well! ☺️


USF Game With My Friend

Last night I went to a USF Bulls game with my friend Philip. We picked him up from his house and went to the Buccaneers Stadium. We arrived a little late but only missed a little of the first quarter. It was Bulls vs Navy. 🏈
img_8360My sister Adriel also took her friend Victoria to the game. There wasn’t enough seats in our vehicle (with there being six of us and only five seats), so we shoved the little ones in the back of the truck. 😊 They enjoyed the bumpy ride.

img_8368img_8361 The game was really exciting. I’m pretty sure that we were leading the entire game and although the Navy scored a touchdown literally at the last second, we still won 52-45!

img_8366I took lots of photos and I am so happy that my hair actually looked good in this one. 😆img_8364The girls had popcorn and all four of us kids got refillable cups so we could fill our stomachs with soda all night long. I probably went to the restroom about five or six times to tell you the truth. 😎


I really enjoyed the game and hanging out with everyone. 💁🏼

img_8372He. Is. So. Tall.img_8373img_8374

Right after the game, we drove to Mc Donald’s and grabbed some french fries, hamburgers, and ice cream. 🍔🍟🍦😚 The four of us kids had ice cream and fries. (You have to get both so that you can dip the fries in your ice cream)

img_8375img_8376img_8377As demonstrated in these three photos, there was a tremendous amount of laughter on the ride home. ☺️😂 Philip made a hilarious face in the first photo and then we both just started laughing so hard.

img_8380I love this last photo so much. 😂💕☺️ I had a great time at the game and in the vehicle eating ice cream. Thanks to my friend Philip for coming with me, to my parents for funding the occasion, and to you for reading. 💘😚

The Season Starts

I love watching basketball so much. I’m currently watching the Spurs vs. Warriors game on opening day. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏀

If you didn’t know already, I’m a Spurs fan. I love the Spurs so much and I was so sad when Tim Duncan announced his retirement. ❤️️💕✨

This is going to be a short post today because it’s late where I am and I’m getting tired. I just had to post on the opening day of the  NBA season!!! 🏀🏆

My New Longboard🌮❤️️

Yesterday I took some photos with my new longboard that me friend gave me. I posted one of these pictures on Instagram but I wanted to post more of them on my blog. Here they are! 😍😎😊

In this photo I’m eating some of my mom’s chicken tacos. 🌮 ❤️️I really love these photos and the board is so beautiful. 😍😊 

Thanks for reading. 🌮❤️️

Saturday Photos 🐺🌺📷

Another Saturday afternoon with my Canon. I decided to take a few pictures of my outfit today and I wanted to post them….So here they are! 😊img_4736

I really love these workout pants from Forever21! They are so cute!img_4733img_4748

I took these pictures with my handsome dog Texas. 🐺🐶 He always looks flawless without any effort. I wish I was always cute! 😆😂img_4747

My dog looked so cute I just had to snatch him up and snap a picture with him! 🌺img_4754

I posted this last picture on my Instagram with the hashtag #nofilter .

Thank you for reading! 💌

Reading… Reading… Writing…

It’s the second day of fall and while it still feels like summer here in Florida, I am reading outside in the shade. I just finished reading Pride and Prejudice yesterday and I’m now reading another book called Tales From Shakespeare. It’s a bunch of Shakespeare stories collected and rewritten by Charles and Mary Lamb.img_4726img_4725I like to take pictures of the books I’m reading next to my beautiful Sharpies or my notebooks or my dictionary. I just wanted to post these pretty photos! 😊📓📝img_4721

Twelfth Night is my favorite Shakespeare story (in case you were wondering).img_4719

When it becomes too dark outside to read, I gather all my Sharpies and books and I take them inside my house to read in there. img_4712

💌Thanks for reading.

A Small Feast🍎🐹

Two posts in one day. Wow. I didn’t think I had it in me. 😀 This is my hamster R2-D2. He is enjoying a small feast of vegetables and seeds. I took these beautiful pictures with my Canon and I think it captured my cute little furry beast perfectly. 🐹img_4685img_4684img_4677

He absolutely loves broccoli and carrots. I had some of these vegetables in my refrigerator and I knew he would love some.img_4672

Almost as soon as I grabbed the food for the hamster, my two dogs came trailing along behind me. 🐹🚶🏼…🐺🐶img_4673img_4693

I love this photo. I captured it at the perfect moment. R2-d2 has his entire face shoved into the pile of delicious seeds-clearly in his own world-and my dog Shiraz is checking him out. She probably wants to know how he got the food and where she can get some.img_4692img_4688

My other dog Texas was also in the room. He was only there because he thought I was going to give him food too. He gets enough table scraps throughout the day… he doesn’t need even more human food.img_4681img_4690img_4676

My hamster was totally in the spotlight tonight. He was wearing his chic winter white fur coat and was rocking his stylish poses while eating some healthy vegan food. 🐹

He must really enjoy his life. He is such a spoiled pet! 😂😆

A Notebook and A Sharpie📓🖊✂️

Whenever I am doing homework I try to procrastinate. I doodle on the margins of my paper and I trace scribbles with my pen until there’s a scratch in my paper. I draw hearts, balloons, stars, candy, little stickmen and even rainbows on my work paper. Sometimes my drawings actually turn out well and then its on the side of my homework paper and I can’t get it off without chopping it off with scissors. 😆✂️📝 Now there are blue and red lines going through my little doodles and I just can’t seem to get them off… 😂😊 I was working on something this morning and I ended up doodling on the side of my page. I thought I would post a few photos to give readers a better idea of what I mean.

This little drawing was actually inspired by the book I’m currently reading. Pride and Prejudice.


You can tell how simple but meaningful this drawing is. Yeah, not all of them are meaningful… Most of them don’t mean anything at all. They are just there as if to say, “Hi my name is Toni and I’ll do anything as long as it means procrastinating from homework.”


I thought that this one was cute. I had my camera outside with me and I just thought to draw it. Yet again my doodles that are worth keeping are on my homework paper…img_4645img_4660

I didn’t put too much thought into this one and I’m considering writing it over again in a pretty font in my sketch book instead of on my homework paper. 😊img_4635…And here you can see the beautiful weeds that I have yet to pull from my yard… As well as the book that I’m currently reading…😂😄img_4636Now that I’m done writing this post, I’d better get back to my homework…😂😀😉 Thank you for reading.💌


Happy Saturday 📷

It’s Saturday and I just thought that I should post some photos today. My first picture I took was with my dog Shiraz. The last two are just some extras.😺img_4616img_4621img_4620My Instagram gets stacked full of photos so I decided to just post these here instead. Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Happy Saturday! 😘

My Summer Vacation In Tennessee

My parents decided to take the family for a vacation this summer to Tennessee and I enjoyed every bit of it. Here, I’ll post some awesome pictures with captions and tell you a little bit about my fun vacation. We went to the highest point in Tennessee, took a ride on a UTV in the Smoky Mountains, rested at a great RV resort, hiked some of the Appalachian trail and we went zip lining with Climb Works. IMG_4178

This picture was taken of me while we were hiking up the Clingmans dome path.


This picture was taken during our hike on the Appalachian trail.


This is me riding in the back of our UTV we rented. I totally rocked the crooked helmet I was wearing. 🙂
This is our red UTV that we rode through the Smoky Mountains.
It was a VERY bumpy ride but I’m a rollercoaster person so I enjoyed it a lot.
This is a picture of me at the top of Clingmans Dome. The highest point in Tennessee.
In the middle of our trip, we had to rent a Jeep because we couldn’t drive anywhere.
Zip lining with Climb Works was really fun. I didn’t want it to end. 🙂


After all 9 zip lines, they slowly drop you down this rope and you walk back to the building and take your gear off.
I took my camera everywhere with me on my vacation… Until it died.
Had to take a Snapchat Filtered photo while I was at Clingmans Dome but the sun was in my eyes so it came out like this.


I had such a great vacation with all my family and relatives. 🙂 ❤

Some Beautiful Photos

IMG_3803Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything and I’m sad about that… So now I’m posting some pretty pictures that I took of two of my hamsters. Their names are Owen and R2-D2. I know that there are a lot of pictures, but hey! It’s been over a year since I have posted anything so I think it’s okay. 🙂IMG_3804IMG_3806IMG_3826IMG_3809IMG_3811IMG_3815

In this photo, I can just imagine Owen scrubbing his face and making huge fuss about the heat or bugs that are flying around him!


Little Owen in the big world. I had to keep a close eye on him while letting him loose to take pictures of him!
I love R2-D2 in this photo. He’s so cute and snowy white. He looks like he belongs in a winter scene.
Owen looks like he’s running away from something. Maybe he’s camera shy! 🙂


I Win My First Ever Game of Clue

Howdy folks! My parents bought the game of Clue today and my whole family sat down and played. I have never played the game of clue ever before in my life before today. I won my first game of it. I just thought that it was so cool that I had to post. 🙂

FullSizeRender-40FullSizeRender-41 FullSizeRender-42

We bought this game at Marshall’s for seventeen bucks.

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My New Texas Longhorn Shirt (and More News😺🙀!)

My neighbor gave me this Texas Longhorn shirt and I LOVE IT! I’m not a huge football fan but I do like the sport. 😻🏈😺 

  I love the light pink and the hearts on it. 
It’s really cute.

As you my have noticed, my hair is way longer in these recent posts and I’m wearing a ponytail in this one. NO, SERIOUSLY. I AM WEARING A PONYTAIL! Is that crazy or what? My hair is so much longer. And you’ll probably be happy to know that I’ve decided to… 
Grow out my hair! Yup you got it. No more chopping! 🚫💇🏻🚫
 I am really excited to have my hair long again like when I was younger and I hope y’all feel the same! 😻😎

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My Crazy G😉😽gle Search

Today I was on my iPad and I went to Google to search the for the definition of the word dastardly. It took a little while for the page to load but when it did, it showed this:


Geez! I just needed to know the meaning of a word.

I assure you, I had nothing to do with a “malformed” or “illegal” request. 😀

Yea. That was my crazy Google search. 😻

My Birthday Party 🎁🍰🎈🎂🎉😻 2015

I haven’t had a birthday party since I was about seven years old. 😮 Yeah I know. Crazy. I’m not huge into birthday parties mostly because after being to other people’s parties I was usually always the one left out and I didn’t like that. My mom decided to have a party for me this year without me knowing abou it and when she told me about the party that would take place, I was sooo happy. 😍😎😉😀😽😻😺

My mom’s plan was for us to make a slip and slide in our back yard. Oh. And when I say “us” I mean my dad.


Here some of the younger girls playing in the pool at the end of the slide. In these two photos, my sister is holding a sprinkler in her hand and playing with her friends.


It was so funny to watch these kids slide down the plastic. 😮😉😅😆


In this photo something bad is just waiting to happen. 😌😋☺️😅:-)


I made some pretzels covered in sugar frosting and sprinkles for my party and everyone loved them.


My mom bought some peanuts and M&M’s to put in a bowl and stirred them around. She bought some of those little mouthwash cups so that people could just scoop them out and eat them. She made sure that all of the snacks, food and her AMAZING margaritas were ready for the party.


My mom’s drinks are the best (according to the people who drink them. I’ve never tried them before!)


In case you’re wondering, we bought these pretty bottles at Ikea.


The party was great. We also made some water balloons and threw them in the tree to make them pop. I threw them at people too but sadly, I wasn’t able to throw them hard enough at somebody for them to pop.


Here’s the back porch. My parents even bought new cushions for the party.



Here are tons of photos of us kids going down the slip and slide.

IMG_3290IMG_3263IMG_4045 IMG_4047IMG_3275 2IMG_3283 IMG_4046IMG_3281IMG_3292IMG_3224IMG_3220IMG_3221IMG_3224IMG_3219IMG_3222

You think that was fun! You haven’t seen it done at night with glow sticks!IMG_3960-1

In my opinion, it was much more exciting and fun at night. The only downside was that the sun wasn’t out to dry you off. At night you really have to depend on towels.


(From left to right) Me, and my friend Nathanuel, and my friend Ezekiel.



We took a bunch of goofy photos and we had a lot of fun. 🙂


Ha ha. Very funny Zeek! 🙂


My Daddy went to Outdoor Recreation and rented corn hole for my party and I played it with my friends




My mom bought these noisy balloons for my friends and I and we all tried to blow into them but it wasn’t very easy for some of us… (Me)




The day all around was really awesome and I enjoyed being with all of my friends. 🙂


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Doody Calls!

Howdy peps!!!! I’m posting today to tell Y’all about my first real job, or, ya know… The first real time I’m being paid to do something!!! 😋😋😋


I now classify as a “dog walker” (AKA crap-picker-upper-professional). 🙂 IMG_4337IMG_4336 FindingNemoWallpaper2800

This boxer here is Crush. Named after the turtle in Finding Nemo. The name suits him and I think it’s cute! He loves to run while I’m on my blades and he can go pretty fast if it’s not too hot outside! Crush’s human took this picture of him right after a nice blade-run. He’s pooped!😀😀😀


I walk Crush everyday while his humans go to work. I also walk his buddy Princess too.


Don’t exactly know what breed she is but she loves to sit on the couch and look at you as if to say, “If you think you can get me of this couch and take me for a walk you’re crazy!”


Even crush tries to get her to go outside but that never works…


She just rolls over and gives you the “PET ME NOW” stare. 🙂


I also took care of a little dog named Aspen for a friend of mine for a whole weekend while they were out at Disney world. I don’t really know his breed either. Aspen’s humans like him to stay behind the dog gate and every time I went into the house to feed him or to let him out he just stood there at the gate, staring at me! I didn’t look into his crazy Medusa eyes because then I felt bad for locking him up.


Whenever I leashed him up and took him outside he got really happy and he jumped around! He looks like the armadillo’s cousin and I’m just waiting for him to get scared and roll up into a ball!


My friend Zach has a little dog named Raisin. She lives next door and she’s little black Shih Tzu. Raisin’s humans asked me to take care of her for the weekend while they went out of town. She was so excited to see me every time I went inside her house to take her for a walk that if I even touched her she would pee on the tile. Thank goodness I was able to locate the cleaning spray and paper towels or else Raisin’s owners would’ve stepped in lots of dog pee after their long trip! 🙂 I guess I did a great job of wiping up the floor because they didn’t say a word about it! 🙂



Here’s a picture of Raisin and my dog Shiraz after a play date in the hot sun. Their tongues are sticking out and they’re laying in the shade.


Although picking up crap sucks, I really like taking care of dogs. First, because It’s the nice neighborly thing to do and second, I end up with a little wad of cash at the end to call my own!!! 😎👉💰$

I also took the time to take some selfies… Which I don’t do very often. On the last photo the sun got in my eye. Still kinda cute though! 🙂



This post is for my neighbors’ dogs and their humans. 🙂

THX FO’ READIN’ and I’ll post to y’all later! BYE!!! 🙂

Three Years and Still Truckin’

Okay, so I went to check my blog to day and I noticed that yesterday was my 3rd year anniversary for my blog. Three years! Can you believe it? To tell you the truth I… I Forgot about it! I didn’t do anything to celebrate my 3rd year on WordPress. Eh! That’s alright! I’m so happy! I’ve been blogging since May 3rd, 2012. Here’s to all my followers! Thanks for following me! Lets work on four years!!!


Yours truly, Pgrocksforvah♥

My Cut Up T-Shirts

Howdy! ♥ It’s me Toni! I’m writing today to share with you some cute cut up t-shirts that I made myself.


Here’s the very first one that I did. It says Destin Florida on it and it’s a style called the muscle tee. It’s cut down the sides and the sleeves are sliced off as well.


I bought this shirt at Marshall’s for eight bucks. The Hurley logo is so awesome. It’s the same style as the muscle tee. Cut down the sides and the sleeves are missing. 😋


Bought this shirt at Marshall’s too. It was the same price. Again I bought it for the beautiful logo but this time I didn’t do the muscle tee style. I left the sleeves on the shirt and did a style on it that I like to call the slice-weave. And I’m sure you can guess what to do on it. You slice then weave.


Here is my first attempt at the “slice-weave”. I did this cut on my bootleg San Antonio Spurs Shirt.


The last cut I did was on my team-signed soccer shirt. I received this shirt at the end of my soccer season from last year. Only seven people signed it that day because more than half of them didn’t even show up!!!

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Getting My hair Bleached

Hey Y’all! ♥ It’s me Toni. I wanted to post about my new bleaching and cutting that has taken place recently. The last time I cut my hair was on December 28, 2014. Since then  I’ve been letting it grow out to where it looks like this:

image1 image2

I had been wanting my hair to be really short. I was begging and begging my mom to let me cut it but she didn’t. Instead she said that we should bleach it. That basically means that we put some bleach on my head, let it sit there and do it’s job, and then rinse it out and look at it. My Mom has bleached my hair before with a bleaching kit so she decided to do it herself again.

The first thing we did was buy our bleach kit at a Sally Beauty Supply store near us. The brand is Beyond The Zone and the one we buy is called the “Radical Bleach Kit”. It looks like this.


Then my mom brushed all my hair down.


The whole point from here until you take the cap off, is to look like an idiot, so if you look like one then congratulate yourself. Now let’s move on.

Then I put on my frosting cap and tied the strings so that it didn’t come off.


Then my mom pokes this little needle in the holes in the cap and pulls out little strands of hair. Those strands show you what to bleach. The rest of the cap protects your head from the bleach chemical.

WARNING! This needle process HURTS!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah folks. See that ugly face? That’s the result of someone pecking at your head for an hour!!!!! If you want an ugly face for the rest of your life then I suggest you try this. Because it really hurts!

When all of the holes are filled with your hair then it’s up to the bathroom! image12

We put the bleach on my hair and then left it on my head for about 10-15 minutes (It would take longer if my hair was darker). Then we rinsed it out of my hair and dried it.

For me that wasn’t enough. I loved it bleached but I still wanted it shorter. So I begged my mom and she finally cut it!!! ♥♥♥ She just shaved one side of my head and it looks like I’m 16!

image15 image14 image16 image17 image18 image13 image19

Three or four days after that haircut, I was getting kind of upset because I was constantly touching my hair and moving it to the certain side that wasn’t shaved. So we decided to shave the other side of my head. It looks really cute and I love it!

FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3

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Elbow Incident

Hola amigos! ♥ I am about to give you some truth: Fractured bones are never fun. Unfortunately I fractured my elbow… Yep. Toni fractured her elbow. At least that’s what the doctors said


(The smile you see here is fake. Hospital visits S-U-C-K.) Here’s how it happened… January the 18th 2015. It was a warm breezy Sunday morning. One of my friends was out side by the community basketball goal. He was playing basketball by himself and I hadn’t found anyone else to play with so I walked over to him and we started talking. I started shooting the ball and I had some fun. A little while later two more of my friends came outside to play. So here I was with all my friends and with no one else able to complete the two-on-two game, I jumped in. There was one point in the game where everyone was near the goal and I was running and then I tripped on someone’s foot and fell on my  left side, hitting my left elbow. It hurt a lot because I landed on the road. Everyone stopped playing (noticing that I was hurt) and wondered if I was okay. I was yelling (NOT crying) and was holding my elbow. I have broken BOTH of my wrists so I know how to handle this without crying. I was really afraid that I had broken something and I picked up my flannel that I was wearing and my water jug. The last thing I said was this. “I want y’all to remember that I didn’t cry”.  And I walked home after that… When I arrived home I set down my stuff and talked to my dad about what had happened. He said that it was probably just bruised. I believed him… Until the next day when It was still hurting. We drove down to the nearest hospital and took an X-Ray just to make sure. They said that I had “fractured’ my elbow and they said to wear this dinky little splint for a whole week and then to come back for a cast for six weeks. This was the room that the hospital put me in to wait for my splint. It had a curtain like I was taking a shower and blue puke bags for stomach viruses (ewww!).


(Another fake smile)


(Weapons of all sorts to torture their guests…)


(Creepy old computers…)


Okay, okay… I do have a little bit of a negative attitude towards hospitals and doctors… OKAY! I do have a big negative attitude towards hospitals and doctors but hey! I’m allowed to have an opinion! 🙂 Now let’s fast forward to the next day. Sleeping with the dinky little splint thing was very uncomfortable. There was pain in my arm and in my elbow. My Dad took off my cast off and I noticed that I already was able to move it around and I could tell that it was cutting off my circulation. Then my dad put it back on but looser this time. I woke up the next day needing to take a shower. I asked my Dad to help me cover it up in plastic bags but my mom said to just take the splint off. More and more each day I took my splint off and before I knew it I had complete movement and strenth back in my arm and elbow. It’s now the last day of January ad it’s been over a week and I still haven’t gone to get a cast. I don’t think we will at all!!! I guess I just have strong arms!💪💪💪💪 I can stretch my arm all the way out and pull it all the way back in! I don’t believe that I fractured anything at all. You couldn’t see any cack in the bone on the X-Ray. You could just see blood. They said that there must be a  fracture because the blood was seeping out from the bone. Now tell me… Does that sound even REAL to you?! I don’t think it was anything but a bruise! I thank God alne for healing me and I thank all my relitives and friends for praying for me!!! Until the next post!!!

How My Christmas Went

I know this post is… What? Three days late? Yeah. I think it’s three days late. Anyways. I know this post is really late but I guess too late would be in January! I’m posting about my Christmas and Christmas Eve. Since Christmas Eve comes first, then I’ll write on that first. On Christmas Eve I baked sugar cookies with my sister Adriel and with my Dad. We wanted a recipe for sugar cookies that you don’t have to freeze for hours so I looked online and found the perfect recipe. Here’s the link to these delicious sugar cookies:

I took lots of photos of us baking cookies. This is my dad cutting the shapes of some of the cookies (my sister and I got tired of that part after a while):IMG_1287

Here’s my sister standing next to the cookies she decorated:


Here are some plain cookies:


Here are the cookies in the oven:


We made homemade frosting and bought red sprinkles to spruce-up our Christmas cookies:



These are the cookies that I decorated:

IMG_7982 IMG_3609

Looking at these cookies after already eating them all, makes me want more!!!! I took a selfie with the cookies:


I could never forget about my baby on a holiday like this so I made her a cookie with her name on it:


Merry Christmas Pookster! (Pookster is my hamster!)

IMG_0596 IMG_3919

My sister took a picture of me pretending to sneek a taste of icing. LOL!!!


My mom baked a frozen pie for us:

IMG_7622 IMG_0476

We shared our cookies with the neighborhood and had lots of fun eating them! That’s how my Christmas Eve Went!!!! Now… I know you’re wondering about WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!! 

  1. A new haircut!!!!!! My parents let me cut my hair again just like I wanted!

Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #2 Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #4 Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #3

2. A Lego® set that I’ve been wantin’ for a while. The 3-in-1 Monkey and Toucan set:



3.(And this one’s the best!) With my Christmas money I bought a San Antonio Spurs Mascot Coyote… PILLOW PET!!!!! He’s sooooooooo cute!!!

Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.45 AM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.06 PM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.07 PM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.07 PM #2

I hope you had a great Christmas too! If so, then please comment below and tell me about it! Also like if you read this whole post! Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.08 PM THX FO’ READIN’ & Merry Christmas!!! ♥

My First Ponytail!


This is my first ponytail in over a year! I know it’s small but at least it’s something!!!! 💇💇💇💇


Here you can really see the growth of my hair since the last time I cut it which was on August 1st earlier this year! My mom also bleached it the last time she cut it.


My parents want me to grow out my hair 💁 and although I don’t want to I am really happy that I am able to have a ponytail already!!!!!👧👧👧
I’ve been growing my hair out for 4 AND A HALF MONTHS!!!!! Isn’t that crazy!!!!!!! I hate the stage that my hair is in right now!!!!! ;-(

I’m trying to get my mom to let me cut my hair just one more time before I grow it out fully!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


I Made a Spurs Door Hanger

Wanna cool  -m-0jmh7__96x72  door hanger? Print this out. I created this my self and am willing to share it with other Spurs fans.


Copyright @ 2014 by Pgrocksforevah and

If you’re wondering how to open up the Microsoft Word Document onto your computer to print it, then just follow these

5 easy steps:

#1: Go to my blog and pull up this post. Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.18.03 PM

#2: Great you’re there. Now click on the purple link right here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.18.41 PM

#3: You’ll see that link jump into your downloads box (seriously. It jumps). Click on your downloads box (right here) when it finishes downloading.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.19.12 PM

#4: Double-click on the top download in your download box.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.19.19 PM

#5: You’ll see the Word document open up and now you can go ahead and print out your door hanger! Just click the print button.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.19.37 PM

Enjoy all you Spurs fans out there! Please leave a like on this post if you thought it was cool! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Wild West Night at Seascapes


Last Night was “Wild West” themed at the Seascapes beach house on base. My whole family went last night. Before we went into the building, we took some pictures next to the decorations which were haystacks and bags of peanuts.


They gave out free mustaches (which I was totally excited about!) and had set up jumpy houses. I totally wished I was still young/small enough to jump in them!


I was wearing my sweater from Aéropostale by Bethany M☮ta, my San Antonio Spurs hat, my jeans from American Eagle Outfitters, and my favorite Pastry shoes (You’d probably ask, seriously?! And I would say Yes! The brand is really called Pastry!).



My sister and Dad played cornhole for a little while but it was too cold for me to play.


There was a baloon guy and (You’d probably ask, seriously?! And I would say Yes! I still like baloon animals. Always have, always will! I got a coyote, my sister got a mouse with some cheese, and my Mom got a penguin. The cyotee is the Spurs mascot (and my favorite animal! 🙂 ) and when I went home that night, I drew his little jersey on him!

Unknown-3Photo on 11-7-14 at 11.11 PM #2

The best part of the whole night was…


If you click on the word bull above, it sends you to the Youtube video of me riding the bull!!!!


I didn’t stay on the bull for very long but it was so fun!!!

I had a great evening and here’s a tip for bull riding:


Gettin’ Into Soccer 📯⚽🏆🎉 📯

⚽ I played soccer when I was little but I quit. 😒😞 I couple of months ago, my Mom found the great soccer program and put me in it. I was determined to not quit this time and so far it has worked. I love my totally awesome TEAM SPAIN! uniform (I’m not so happy about the number since I saw a girl with my favorite number which is 4 but at least it has a huber 4 in it! ) IMAG2588IMAG2589 My soccer practices are on Mondays and my games are on Saturdays. I’m on team Spain (Duh! You can see my uniform!😃) and my first game was against team Columbia. Here’s a picture of me on my very first game: (double-click the pictures to see them bigger) IMAG2465My first game was on September 13th. My coach is the one in the white shirt. I’m wearing my uniform in this picture and I’m saying hi to my friends. Here I’m doing stretches with the rest of my team about 10 minutes before my first game. IMAG2468 IMAG2467 Our team lost to Columbia 4 – 2. (It would’ve been 3 – 2 if I hadn’t  accidentally kicked the ball into our goal.😢😢😢😢😢) I didn’t know what was going on and I was freaking out. Not many people saw me score that goal so everything’s cool (kinda). I wasn’t sad that we lost. I just had fun and kept on playing. In the middle of the game, I was breathing really hard and the coach kept me in the game like nothing was wrong. I came back and took a break after a while and I was so hot I had the idea of putting water and ice on me to keep me cooler. If you’ve ever been in sports, then you know how it feels to have a game canceled by rain.☔ ⚽ ⚡ It sucks. Fortunately, the soccer program that I’m in has a site that you can go to see if that day’s soccer game is cancelled. After my first game, two games were canceled because of the rain.☔ It was horrible for me.  Every game that was cancelled they showed on the site so that we didn’t drive out there, just to see that our game was cancelled. On the (still wet) morning of the third game, (October 4th) there wasn’t anything on the site so we assumed that the game for that day was still on (BOY WERE WE WRONG). I woke up that morning and put on my uniform. I drank some energy drink stuff (I didn’t know what it was, I just drank what my Mom gave me) and put on my shin guards. IMAG2527 (Unknown this stuff. It’s really good for you.)IMAG2526 I enjoyed my Mom’s bacon-and-cheese-and-papas(potatoes)-taco.  ALL my mom cooks is Tex-Mex from Texas(!!!!!!!!) We checked the rain site one more time before leaving the house and then we drove the soccer fields. When we arrived to the gate entrance for the fields, there was a huge metal sign on the locked gate saying: “All Activities Cancelled”. I was really upset not only because I missed a soccer game but the (supposedly) “weather/rainout” site didn’t even say that the games were cancelled. I call the coach and ask him about the games now instead of relying on the site. :-/ 🙂 The forth game was finally on a nice clear, dry day and it was on October the 11th. My team and I played against Italy. Here are some picture of my game against Italy. The red arrow shows you where I am… Just in case you don’t already know… DFT (Don’t Forget That) you can click on the pictures to see them in a ledger size. IMAG2570 In this picture I was playing defense (I think I’m pretty good at that position.) IMAG2571 IMAG2572 IMAG2573 IMAG2574 IMAG2575 Here’s my favorite part of the game: IMAG2576 I was helping my friend (the one with the one with the ball in front of her. #47) get to the goal. I was running to close to her or something and was tripped by someone and it happened so fast I didn’t really know what had happened. All I knew was that I was on the ground. IMAG2577 She helped me up and we continued playing. 🙂 🙂 🙂 We ended up winning 5 – 0. I was really excited about that. Here are two pictures of me that I just happened to snap on my way home. IMAG2578 IMAG2579 I look kinda weird and all red in the face don’t I?! 😉 My Mom’s car was probably all covered in sweat (eew!!!). The next game was on Monday the 13th. You’re probably wondering why it’s not on a Saturday. The game was on Monday  because the soccer company people had to schedule some make-up games and this one against Holland just happened to be on a Monday. My Dad takes all of the pictures of me and of the games and he took a lot of pictures that day. IMAG2604 You can find me in these next pictures because I’m wearing my Dad’s bumble-bee socks in this picture (They used to be my Dad’s when he played soccer). You can also tell if it’s me because I have the shortest hair on my team.  💇  🙂IMAG2606 IMAG2612 In the middle of our stretches there’s usually laughing and funny moments that we share with each other so if you see us not stretching it’s probably because we are in one of those moments. 🙂 IMAG2626 My friend Ally and I are making funny faces at the camera. IMAG2633I cheer for my teammates on the field a lot.  IMAG2634 I hate taking breaks because I want to be out on the field playing with my friends. IMAG2636I’m talking to my friends who are taking a break as well. 🙂 IMAG2637IMAG2639 I don’t think that my Dad took many pictures of me playing in this game but that’s alright. IMAG2650 IMAG2672IMAG2658I don’t remember the score for that game but I’ll ask someone on my team soon and see if they remember the score. 🙂 I know we won but I just don’t remember the score. 🙂 The most recent game that I had was today (October 18th). We played against Columbia again but we lost 3 – 2. My Dad didn’t take any pictures. 😦 I’ll write again when I play my next game. 📯⚽🏆🎉 📯:-)

Tooth Extraction!

My dog Texas had problems eating and playing and I noticed that he was moving something around in his mouth. When I told my Mom, she said that she would ask my Dad to take a look at it. When my Dad came home from work he saw a giant tooth in the back of Texas’ mouth that was really loose and was falling out. My Dad called and made an appointment at a place called the Keene Veterinary Hospital.


My Dad took Texas to the vet later that week. I didn’t go with him because Texas was dropped off at 7:30 in the morning and that was too early for me. After Texas was dropped off, we waited to hear word from the vet. We received a call from the vet place and they said that he was doing great but when they did a blood test they found that they needed to run some fluids through him because he might have something wrong with his kidneys that needed to be flushed out (they didn’t know if there was a problem there for sure). The vet called us again and said that Texas was all done and was ready to come home. My Dad, my sister and I left the house and picked up Texas. The doctor and the nurse told us what happened and they said that he did a great job (which is what they all say). The thought-to-be kidney problem really wasn’t anything at all to be concerned about and Texas’ tooth was some sort of a molar and it is a very common tooth that falls out of most dogs’ mouth. I was glad to hear that we weren’t the only ones with this problem! The nurse lady was nice and she gave us some medicine along with a sheet of paper with more information on it about the medicine:


The doctor-for-dogs said that the tooth they pulled was supposed to have had three roots on it but two of them were completely dissolved and it was time for it to come out. I’m so glad that Texas doesn’t have any more problems in his mouth and that he’s just fine! And hey! The vet lady even gave us the tooth!


(The water stuff in there is hydrogen peroxide).

image 2

I’m so happy that you’re better Texas! ❤

Getting Lost At Ikea Tampa

Today my Mom told my sister and I that we were going to Ikea. She needed to buy a few quick things. My sister brought her kitty that was made out of Legos to the store. When we arrived, my sister and I shared a “#3 combo meal” (while avoiding the meatballs) and my mom drank some coffee. (To be honest, I really don’t like Ikea. Their furniture is great and all, but there are a few things that I don’t like. First of all, I can’t stand their meatballs.



(Sorry but I just can’t!!!)

If you’ve ever been in an Ikea store, then you’ve probably noticed that getting in and out is probably harder than a 93-year-old running a marathon.


Is it just me or are their Swedish carts different than our American carts? Look closely:


Don’t you see a difference in their carts and our carts here? If you look at the two carts then you’ll probably notice that the Ikea carts’ back wheels have the capability to turn in any direction!!! That’s so cool! Oh wait… Maybe not. Their carts can do anything but go forward.*



*IKEA TIP #1: When dealing with a bunk Ikea cart, try pushing it diagonal to move it forward (it really works).

Now our American carts are a totally different story! The back wheels on your typical carts at Wal-mart or Target, are not able to move except to go backwards or forwards. If you take the time to think about it, (or test these two different carts yourself) you will agree that our carts at the grocery stores are much better.

And the last thing that I don’t like about Ikea is that the maps in the building are like trying to read an ancient Egyptian scroll without any resources or help. Their so-called “shortcuts” actually make things worse and more complicated.* 🙂



*IKEA TIP #2: Instead of tiring yourself with the trouble, just ask an employee for directions (unless they’re Swedish. Then you can’t know what they’re saying).

Having all of this in our minds, we take a field trip into the vast, dense, overpopulated jungle of Ikea thinking that we are going to find the few things that we need and get out of that place in under an hour.

Anyways, we went up the escalator and I picked up a cart. I chose one of those small carts that you hang a bag on. My sister already does’t want to carry her Lego cat around and I set it in the top of the cart (where a little kid sits) and I set something else on top of it. I hear a little snap or a crack sound but don’t pay attention to it and keep walking.

We’ve been in Ikea for a loooooooooong time now and my troops are in need of a bathroom break and then we can get back on track. While the rest of my crew go, I stay back and watch the cart (it’s a very important job you know). I’m bored so I take a look at my sister’s Lego cat and notice that there’s been a malfunction in our jungle trip. The cat’s ears are missing. So I think back to where our soldier might’ve had his encounter with the Ikea store (meaning where could his ears have fallen off).


When my troops come back refreshed and ready to go, I then have the deep responsibility of telling them the sad news. “I think I know where it fell off….” I tell them. We then decide that the best thing to do is when they are at the cash register, I’ll go back to where I first heard the snap/crack noise and will investigate further to where it’s whereabouts may be (I’ll go to where I think it fell off and try to find it).

The plan is set and I’m now going up the escalator and am looking where I dropped it. I look everywhere. I can see people in the corner of my eye and they’re staring at me. I don’t care. This is an emergency for crying out loud!!!! Since I can’t find the ears to the Lego cat, I decide to go back to the cash register and just give up……………………….

And that’s when I really get lost. I can see the single escalator and can see that it doesn’t go back down stairs. I decide that I’ll try the stairs around the corner but I don’t see a way back to the front entrance. I run back upstairs to get right back where I started. I try the elevator but it doesn’t take you back downstairs. By now I’m totally freaking out and on the edge of crying and I didn’t see the giant sign that tells me how to get down-stairs. In my mind I’m getting really upset at these Swedish maps and I try to run down the escalator (and I don’t need to comment on that I’d I?) and when that doesn’t work, and people are really staring at me,  I try the stairs again but still don’t find a way back to the front entrance. Maybe I was over reacting and just needed to calm down and either ask someone or really pay attention to those maps but I’d rather just blame it on the Swedish Ikea store! 😉

I’m now crying at this point and I don’t know where to go and I already feel stupid because there are still people looking at me. So I just rush to he top of the staircase  in search of an employee and sure enough, I find one. I ask her how I can get back downstairs and the whole time I’m just crying in her face. I really felt sorry for that lady because she probably hasn’t dealt with a kid like me running around crying. She asks me if I have any merchandise and when I tell her that I don’t, (why would I have merchandise on me?) she tells me to just go down stairs and ask the daycare ladies to buzz me in that giant steel trap door big door. I just said ok and I felt bad about that because she really helped me out. I liked her hair a lot and was going to tell her but I hadn’t the time. I had to get back to my troops. They probably needed me!

So I run downstairs and ask the ladies at the desk to buzz me through and they ask me, “Are you okay sweetheart?” (In a worried voice like a mom would do) and I tell them yes and that I just need through.

Captain’s log: STILL DAY ONE: Exhausted, but happy to be home.

I’ve made it back to my troops and boy, are they happy to see me! I alert my troops that the kitty’s ears were not found and that we will not be coming here ever again (like, EVER). I was just happy to make it out alive….

Well, that’s it I guess….

Until next Ikea trip!

The Last Storm Game

July 26 was the date of the last AFL Storm game of this season. The Tampa Bay Storm was battling the Cleveland Gladiators.



I was hoping that they would win so we could go to more games. I say that because if they had won, they would’ve secured themselves a spot in the AFL playoffs. That means they would have extra games that they weren’t planing on. The final score was 56 – 49 (the Storm being 49). I don’t know all the rules of a football game any of the rules of a football game any of the rules of a football game except for “TOUCHDOWN!!!!” and the little yellow flags that they throw meaning that there’s a foul. I know that I can always look at the score and pretty much know what’s going on. So I feel like I don’t have to know the rules to understand the game. Just to make sure though, I ask my Dad. Dads are like the on-the-go dictionary when it comes to sports. They know everything about the sport and what’s going on. Now if I don’t know what’s going on I can just ask my Dad and he’ll give me everything I wan to know.


Adriel (my sister) doesn’t like the loud noise in the stadium and I’m always trying to tell her that it’s not that bad and that she can uncover her ears. 🙂


In this picture she finally uncovered one of her ears and smiled. 🙂

I tried to get a good picture of the field with some players but the players all ran away and this lady’s head was in it too.



I’m kinda sad that the Storm didn’t make it into the playoffs (because we would’ve had more games to go to!!!) but it was still a great game!