My Cut Up T-Shirts

Howdy! ♥ It’s me Toni! I’m writing today to share with you some cute cut up t-shirts that I made myself.


Here’s the very first one that I did. It says Destin Florida on it and it’s a style called the muscle tee. It’s cut down the sides and the sleeves are sliced off as well.


I bought this shirt at Marshall’s for eight bucks. The Hurley logo is so awesome. It’s the same style as the muscle tee. Cut down the sides and the sleeves are missing. 😋


Bought this shirt at Marshall’s too. It was the same price. Again I bought it for the beautiful logo but this time I didn’t do the muscle tee style. I left the sleeves on the shirt and did a style on it that I like to call the slice-weave. And I’m sure you can guess what to do on it. You slice then weave.


Here is my first attempt at the “slice-weave”. I did this cut on my bootleg San Antonio Spurs Shirt.


The last cut I did was on my team-signed soccer shirt. I received this shirt at the end of my soccer season from last year. Only seven people signed it that day because more than half of them didn’t even show up!!!

I hope you leave a thumbs up if you liked my styles and I’ll post more styles when I create them! Bye! ♥


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