Elbow Incident

Hola amigos! ♥ I am about to give you some truth: Fractured bones are never fun. Unfortunately I fractured my elbow… Yep. Toni fractured her elbow. At least that’s what the doctors said


(The smile you see here is fake. Hospital visits S-U-C-K.) Here’s how it happened… January the 18th 2015. It was a warm breezy Sunday morning. One of my friends was out side by the community basketball goal. He was playing basketball by himself and I hadn’t found anyone else to play with so I walked over to him and we started talking. I started shooting the ball and I had some fun. A little while later two more of my friends came outside to play. So here I was with all my friends and with no one else able to complete the two-on-two game, I jumped in. There was one point in the game where everyone was near the goal and I was running and then I tripped on someone’s foot and fell on my  left side, hitting my left elbow. It hurt a lot because I landed on the road. Everyone stopped playing (noticing that I was hurt) and wondered if I was okay. I was yelling (NOT crying) and was holding my elbow. I have broken BOTH of my wrists so I know how to handle this without crying. I was really afraid that I had broken something and I picked up my flannel that I was wearing and my water jug. The last thing I said was this. “I want y’all to remember that I didn’t cry”.  And I walked home after that… When I arrived home I set down my stuff and talked to my dad about what had happened. He said that it was probably just bruised. I believed him… Until the next day when It was still hurting. We drove down to the nearest hospital and took an X-Ray just to make sure. They said that I had “fractured’ my elbow and they said to wear this dinky little splint for a whole week and then to come back for a cast for six weeks. This was the room that the hospital put me in to wait for my splint. It had a curtain like I was taking a shower and blue puke bags for stomach viruses (ewww!).


(Another fake smile)


(Weapons of all sorts to torture their guests…)


(Creepy old computers…)


Okay, okay… I do have a little bit of a negative attitude towards hospitals and doctors… OKAY! I do have a big negative attitude towards hospitals and doctors but hey! I’m allowed to have an opinion! 🙂 Now let’s fast forward to the next day. Sleeping with the dinky little splint thing was very uncomfortable. There was pain in my arm and in my elbow. My Dad took off my cast off and I noticed that I already was able to move it around and I could tell that it was cutting off my circulation. Then my dad put it back on but looser this time. I woke up the next day needing to take a shower. I asked my Dad to help me cover it up in plastic bags but my mom said to just take the splint off. More and more each day I took my splint off and before I knew it I had complete movement and strenth back in my arm and elbow. It’s now the last day of January ad it’s been over a week and I still haven’t gone to get a cast. I don’t think we will at all!!! I guess I just have strong arms!💪💪💪💪 I can stretch my arm all the way out and pull it all the way back in! I don’t believe that I fractured anything at all. You couldn’t see any cack in the bone on the X-Ray. You could just see blood. They said that there must be a  fracture because the blood was seeping out from the bone. Now tell me… Does that sound even REAL to you?! I don’t think it was anything but a bruise! I thank God alne for healing me and I thank all my relitives and friends for praying for me!!! Until the next post!!!


2 thoughts on “Elbow Incident

  1. Well you always seem to make a great story out of everything and this is no exception…..Grandpa and I are glad you are better. Love and kisses!

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