How My Christmas Went

I know this post is… What? Three days late? Yeah. I think it’s three days late. Anyways. I know this post is really late but I guess too late would be in January! I’m posting about my Christmas and Christmas Eve. Since Christmas Eve comes first, then I’ll write on that first. On Christmas Eve I baked sugar cookies with my sister Adriel and with my Dad. We wanted a recipe for sugar cookies that you don’t have to freeze for hours so I looked online and found the perfect recipe. Here’s the link to these delicious sugar cookies:

I took lots of photos of us baking cookies. This is my dad cutting the shapes of some of the cookies (my sister and I got tired of that part after a while):IMG_1287

Here’s my sister standing next to the cookies she decorated:


Here are some plain cookies:


Here are the cookies in the oven:


We made homemade frosting and bought red sprinkles to spruce-up our Christmas cookies:



These are the cookies that I decorated:

IMG_7982 IMG_3609

Looking at these cookies after already eating them all, makes me want more!!!! I took a selfie with the cookies:


I could never forget about my baby on a holiday like this so I made her a cookie with her name on it:


Merry Christmas Pookster! (Pookster is my hamster!)

IMG_0596 IMG_3919

My sister took a picture of me pretending to sneek a taste of icing. LOL!!!


My mom baked a frozen pie for us:

IMG_7622 IMG_0476

We shared our cookies with the neighborhood and had lots of fun eating them! That’s how my Christmas Eve Went!!!! Now… I know you’re wondering about WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!! 

  1. A new haircut!!!!!! My parents let me cut my hair again just like I wanted!

Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #2 Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #4 Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.36 AM #3

2. A Lego® set that I’ve been wantin’ for a while. The 3-in-1 Monkey and Toucan set:



3.(And this one’s the best!) With my Christmas money I bought a San Antonio Spurs Mascot Coyote… PILLOW PET!!!!! He’s sooooooooo cute!!!

Photo on 12-31-14 at 11.45 AM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.06 PM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.07 PM Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.07 PM #2

I hope you had a great Christmas too! If so, then please comment below and tell me about it! Also like if you read this whole post! Photo on 12-31-14 at 7.08 PM THX FO’ READIN’ & Merry Christmas!!! ♥


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