Wild West Night at Seascapes


Last Night was “Wild West” themed at the Seascapes beach house on base. My whole family went last night. Before we went into the building, we took some pictures next to the decorations which were haystacks and bags of peanuts.


They gave out free mustaches (which I was totally excited about!) and had set up jumpy houses. I totally wished I was still young/small enough to jump in them!


I was wearing my sweater from Aéropostale by Bethany M☮ta, my San Antonio Spurs hat, my jeans from American Eagle Outfitters, and my favorite Pastry shoes (You’d probably ask, seriously?! And I would say Yes! The brand is really called Pastry!).



My sister and Dad played cornhole for a little while but it was too cold for me to play.


There was a baloon guy and (You’d probably ask, seriously?! And I would say Yes! I still like baloon animals. Always have, always will! I got a coyote, my sister got a mouse with some cheese, and my Mom got a penguin. The cyotee is the Spurs mascot (and my favorite animal! 🙂 ) and when I went home that night, I drew his little jersey on him!

Unknown-3Photo on 11-7-14 at 11.11 PM #2

The best part of the whole night was…


If you click on the word bull above, it sends you to the Youtube video of me riding the bull!!!!


I didn’t stay on the bull for very long but it was so fun!!!

I had a great evening and here’s a tip for bull riding:



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