Gettin’ Into Soccer 📯⚽🏆🎉 📯

⚽ I played soccer when I was little but I quit. 😒😞 I couple of months ago, my Mom found the great soccer program and put me in it. I was determined to not quit this time and so far it has worked. I love my totally awesome TEAM SPAIN! uniform (I’m not so happy about the number since I saw a girl with my favorite number which is 4 but at least it has a huber 4 in it! ) IMAG2588IMAG2589 My soccer practices are on Mondays and my games are on Saturdays. I’m on team Spain (Duh! You can see my uniform!😃) and my first game was against team Columbia. Here’s a picture of me on my very first game: (double-click the pictures to see them bigger) IMAG2465My first game was on September 13th. My coach is the one in the white shirt. I’m wearing my uniform in this picture and I’m saying hi to my friends. Here I’m doing stretches with the rest of my team about 10 minutes before my first game. IMAG2468 IMAG2467 Our team lost to Columbia 4 – 2. (It would’ve been 3 – 2 if I hadn’t  accidentally kicked the ball into our goal.😢😢😢😢😢) I didn’t know what was going on and I was freaking out. Not many people saw me score that goal so everything’s cool (kinda). I wasn’t sad that we lost. I just had fun and kept on playing. In the middle of the game, I was breathing really hard and the coach kept me in the game like nothing was wrong. I came back and took a break after a while and I was so hot I had the idea of putting water and ice on me to keep me cooler. If you’ve ever been in sports, then you know how it feels to have a game canceled by rain.☔ ⚽ ⚡ It sucks. Fortunately, the soccer program that I’m in has a site that you can go to see if that day’s soccer game is cancelled. After my first game, two games were canceled because of the rain.☔ It was horrible for me.  Every game that was cancelled they showed on the site so that we didn’t drive out there, just to see that our game was cancelled. On the (still wet) morning of the third game, (October 4th) there wasn’t anything on the site so we assumed that the game for that day was still on (BOY WERE WE WRONG). I woke up that morning and put on my uniform. I drank some energy drink stuff (I didn’t know what it was, I just drank what my Mom gave me) and put on my shin guards. IMAG2527 (Unknown this stuff. It’s really good for you.)IMAG2526 I enjoyed my Mom’s bacon-and-cheese-and-papas(potatoes)-taco.  ALL my mom cooks is Tex-Mex from Texas(!!!!!!!!) We checked the rain site one more time before leaving the house and then we drove the soccer fields. When we arrived to the gate entrance for the fields, there was a huge metal sign on the locked gate saying: “All Activities Cancelled”. I was really upset not only because I missed a soccer game but the (supposedly) “weather/rainout” site didn’t even say that the games were cancelled. I call the coach and ask him about the games now instead of relying on the site. :-/ 🙂 The forth game was finally on a nice clear, dry day and it was on October the 11th. My team and I played against Italy. Here are some picture of my game against Italy. The red arrow shows you where I am… Just in case you don’t already know… DFT (Don’t Forget That) you can click on the pictures to see them in a ledger size. IMAG2570 In this picture I was playing defense (I think I’m pretty good at that position.) IMAG2571 IMAG2572 IMAG2573 IMAG2574 IMAG2575 Here’s my favorite part of the game: IMAG2576 I was helping my friend (the one with the one with the ball in front of her. #47) get to the goal. I was running to close to her or something and was tripped by someone and it happened so fast I didn’t really know what had happened. All I knew was that I was on the ground. IMAG2577 She helped me up and we continued playing. 🙂 🙂 🙂 We ended up winning 5 – 0. I was really excited about that. Here are two pictures of me that I just happened to snap on my way home. IMAG2578 IMAG2579 I look kinda weird and all red in the face don’t I?! 😉 My Mom’s car was probably all covered in sweat (eew!!!). The next game was on Monday the 13th. You’re probably wondering why it’s not on a Saturday. The game was on Monday  because the soccer company people had to schedule some make-up games and this one against Holland just happened to be on a Monday. My Dad takes all of the pictures of me and of the games and he took a lot of pictures that day. IMAG2604 You can find me in these next pictures because I’m wearing my Dad’s bumble-bee socks in this picture (They used to be my Dad’s when he played soccer). You can also tell if it’s me because I have the shortest hair on my team.  💇  🙂IMAG2606 IMAG2612 In the middle of our stretches there’s usually laughing and funny moments that we share with each other so if you see us not stretching it’s probably because we are in one of those moments. 🙂 IMAG2626 My friend Ally and I are making funny faces at the camera. IMAG2633I cheer for my teammates on the field a lot.  IMAG2634 I hate taking breaks because I want to be out on the field playing with my friends. IMAG2636I’m talking to my friends who are taking a break as well. 🙂 IMAG2637IMAG2639 I don’t think that my Dad took many pictures of me playing in this game but that’s alright. IMAG2650 IMAG2672IMAG2658I don’t remember the score for that game but I’ll ask someone on my team soon and see if they remember the score. 🙂 I know we won but I just don’t remember the score. 🙂 The most recent game that I had was today (October 18th). We played against Columbia again but we lost 3 – 2. My Dad didn’t take any pictures. 😦 I’ll write again when I play my next game. 📯⚽🏆🎉 📯:-)


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