Tooth Extraction!

My dog Texas had problems eating and playing and I noticed that he was moving something around in his mouth. When I told my Mom, she said that she would ask my Dad to take a look at it. When my Dad came home from work he saw a giant tooth in the back of Texas’ mouth that was really loose and was falling out. My Dad called and made an appointment at a place called the Keene Veterinary Hospital.


My Dad took Texas to the vet later that week. I didn’t go with him because Texas was dropped off at 7:30 in the morning and that was too early for me. After Texas was dropped off, we waited to hear word from the vet. We received a call from the vet place and they said that he was doing great but when they did a blood test they found that they needed to run some fluids through him because he might have something wrong with his kidneys that needed to be flushed out (they didn’t know if there was a problem there for sure). The vet called us again and said that Texas was all done and was ready to come home. My Dad, my sister and I left the house and picked up Texas. The doctor and the nurse told us what happened and they said that he did a great job (which is what they all say). The thought-to-be kidney problem really wasn’t anything at all to be concerned about and Texas’ tooth was some sort of a molar and it is a very common tooth that falls out of most dogs’ mouth. I was glad to hear that we weren’t the only ones with this problem! The nurse lady was nice and she gave us some medicine along with a sheet of paper with more information on it about the medicine:


The doctor-for-dogs said that the tooth they pulled was supposed to have had three roots on it but two of them were completely dissolved and it was time for it to come out. I’m so glad that Texas doesn’t have any more problems in his mouth and that he’s just fine! And hey! The vet lady even gave us the tooth!


(The water stuff in there is hydrogen peroxide).

image 2

I’m so happy that you’re better Texas! ❤


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