The Last Storm Game

July 26 was the date of the last AFL Storm game of this season. The Tampa Bay Storm was battling the Cleveland Gladiators.



I was hoping that they would win so we could go to more games. I say that because if they had won, they would’ve secured themselves a spot in the AFL playoffs. That means they would have extra games that they weren’t planing on. The final score was 56 – 49 (the Storm being 49). I don’t know all the rules of a football game any of the rules of a football game any of the rules of a football game except for “TOUCHDOWN!!!!” and the little yellow flags that they throw meaning that there’s a foul. I know that I can always look at the score and pretty much know what’s going on. So I feel like I don’t have to know the rules to understand the game. Just to make sure though, I ask my Dad. Dads are like the on-the-go dictionary when it comes to sports. They know everything about the sport and what’s going on. Now if I don’t know what’s going on I can just ask my Dad and he’ll give me everything I wan to know.


Adriel (my sister) doesn’t like the loud noise in the stadium and I’m always trying to tell her that it’s not that bad and that she can uncover her ears. 🙂


In this picture she finally uncovered one of her ears and smiled. 🙂

I tried to get a good picture of the field with some players but the players all ran away and this lady’s head was in it too.



I’m kinda sad that the Storm didn’t make it into the playoffs (because we would’ve had more games to go to!!!) but it was still a great game!



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