Yesterday At the Yankees game

Yesterday I went to a Tampa Bay Yankees game with my family. We found our seats and the game hadn’t started yet so my Dad, my sister, and I went to go see food prices and stuff. There was a Bright House stand that was giving away free stuff (all you had to do was spin a wheel), a photo booth were you could take a picture in a big throne made of daggers (on the bottom of the chair it said Game of Thrones), a person making (cheap) balloon hats, and a face painter. my sister wanted her face painted so we waited in the line for a loooooooong time…


Forty-five minutes later she finally got her face painted. It was a painting of a little dolphin.


To tell you the truth I didn’t watch almost ANY of the game. 🙂

The Tampa Yankees improved their winning streak to five games with a 3-2 final over the Palm Beach Cardinals (that basically means the Yankees won). Yay!!!… And I didn’t even see a quarter of the game. Yippee! 🙂

My Dad paid five dollars and received seven tennis balls to throw into a bucket (the cash prize) or two of the smaller rings (an even smaller prize)on the field. Probably over 400 balls were thrown and Guess who was the winner? MY DAD! He made it into a ring out on the field!!! And guess what the prize was?! 😦 One free game of bowling. Are you serious?! ONE free game of BOWLING?! Nobody even plays that anymore!!! We can’t even use the coupon because there’s four of us in our family and it’s only good for ONE person!!!! I guess we’ll have to pick the winner out of a hat! 🙂

Anyways, it was cool that he was the only winner, but bowling?…



Besides that we had a great time and I even took a picture with the mascot!!!! (I don’t know WHAT he was but I like to get pictures with whoever I can get!) 🙂



In the middle of the game the sprinklers on the field accidentally came on so everyone had to wait for them to turn off so that the game could continue. It was pretty funny actually. 🙂


At the end of the game there was a fireworks show that was really cool.


I was an awesome game (even though I didn’t see most of it!) and I’ll totally go again if I can!


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