Yesterday at the AFL Storm Game #3

Yesterday I went to a AFL Storm game against the Portland Thunder. Before the game my Dad went and took a picture with the D.J. and I wanted a picture with him too (for my blog) so he took us to get a picture with him:Image


After we took our photos, the players where ready to go out on the field so we were stuck there next to the D.J. until the game actually started and that was like V.I.P. access!…. Just for five minutes. 😦 The theme for that night was Star Wars and Fiesta night.So we took pictures with Star Wars characters from the movies:



I was even shot by a storm trooper!!!! 🙂




My family took a picture with some more Star Wars characters: Image

But my MOST FAVORITE pictures were with Lord Vader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image

….And the one where I got choked by him!!!!!!



I even took pictures with the Storm Dawg! My goal is to take a picture with the Storm Dawg every game we go to! (:)) Here’s the picture:


We had a great time even though the Storm lost 61-42 against the Thunder. 🙂 I ❤ TAMPA BAY STORM!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Yesterday at the AFL Storm Game #3

  1. I love the Star Wars stuff!!! I would have loved being there for that with all of you.
    Your hair looks cute and I also love the photo of you with that Purple guy (what ever it was?)
    Keep up the great blog, I’ll try to visit it more often:)
    Love you Connie

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