Yesterday at the Baseball Game


Yesterday I went to the Tropicana Field stadium to watch a baseball game. The Tampa Bay Rays Vs. The Texas Rangers (I’m a Rangers fan).  My dad bought the tickets a week before the game, on the row right above the visitor’s dugout (in this case, it was the Ranger’s dugout).  When we arrived they scanned us with a metal detector (like the ones that they use at the airport) and we found our seats. After the Texas Rangers scored some points, we saw some other Ranger fans jump out of their seats and get excited, which told us that we were not the only Texas Ranger fans at the stadium. My Mom and Dad bought some drinks for themselves and a bag of peanuts, and french fry chili bowl for my sister and I to share (we were fed before we left to go to the game so all we got was peanuts and since the french fry chili bowl was so small, we only got about seven fries each). 🙂  My parents bought us some baseball gloves so that when we were at the game we could catch a foul ball flying toward us. We never actually caught any balls but we still had fun.  The Rays won 5-4 and that sucked but, like I said, we still had fun. They let us exit the building out on center field and that was really cool.  They game was extremely exciting and I loved it. (More pictures will be uploaded soon!)  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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