My Trip to the Air fest!

Last Saturday I went to the AirFest to watch the airplanes. My dad had to arrive really early in the morning because he had volunteer duty at one of the hot dog stands. When we arrived at the air show there were a lot of people and the air show hadn’t started yet. My parents decided to walk around the stands. There were also giant airplanes that you could walk into and look around. My dad took my sister and I into a plane and he told us that the plane that we were in could fly with six busses inside and still have enough room for forty people! We took pictures next to helicopters and other small planes and jets. The Brighthouse company had a stand at the air show where one could have their photo taken and edited to have one of several airplanes shown in the background. We had some photos taken and they actually turned out really good. The air show started soon after that and we found a spot to set-up our lawn chairs. There were lots of people and while the planes were getting ready to takeoff, I looked around and observed everyone. I saw about twenty people with iPhones in their back pockets, about thirty people wearing sunglasses and hats, a bunch of people with Cokes in their hands, and I even saw a guy with one of those silly umbrella hats. In the middle of observing people, the planes began to take off and my Dad went back to supervising everybody at the hot dog stand. I was sitting in the hot sun but wasn’t bothering me because there was a nice strong breeze outside. I saw the planes and they were doing crazy tricks in the air. There was a plane that did circles in the air and two more planes that flew directly at each other and right when they were about to crash into one another, one of the planes turned upside down so that they didn’t collide; that was one of my favorite tricks. Another trick was where the plane flew straight up and then he turned his engine off and before he hit the ground he turned his engine back on and flew off to safety. A married couple, Melissa and Rex Pemberton, did another amazing trick in mid-air. Melissa was flying her plane and then her husband jumped out of the plane in a squirrel suit and a parachute. Then she circled around and around and around him, which was sort of dangerous, and then everybody saw him parachute down to the ground. It was so cool! The crews took a ten-minute break from flying when the announcer suggested that then was the perfect time to use the restroom so that no one would miss any of the air show. Let me give you a piece of advice: Even if you have to go like the dickens, NEVER use the port-a-potty at the air show. When you go inside one it’s all hot in there because it’s been sitting in the sun and there’s no room to turn a cheek! Also, the lock is broken so anyone could walk in at any time! My Mom gave me five bucks to buy a frozen lemonade and I shared it with my sister. When I walked back the break was over and the Thunderbirds were getting ready to takeoff. It took the pilots about forty-five minutes to get their engines ready and make sure that they were absolutely ready to fly but it was totally worth it! The Thunderbirds were great and they topped-off our trip. Besides getting horribly burnt, I had a great time!



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4 thoughts on “My Trip to the Air fest!

  1. Loved the air fest story! It made me laugh several times because you’re so cute. I truly enjoyed the part about the restroom break and I’m glad you had a great time. Oh, and the giant plane is called a C-5. The C stands for cargo. Love you

  2. Wow! Your parents are awsome taking you to all theese cool places… I wish that I could go to an air show just like that…

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