Toady at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium


Today I went to the aquarium in Clearwater.  The aquarium that I went to today is the same aquarium where the move Dolphin Tale was filmed.  It’s a really small aquarium but when you see the movie and then go to the very place that they filmed the movie, it makes it a lot more interesting.  I’m going to go ahead and list some of the animals that I saw at the aquarium.

  1. Dolphins (their names are Winter, Nicholas, and Hope)
  2. Sea turtles
  3. Sea otters
  4. Sting ray
  5. A type of shark
  6. Eel
  7. Fish (what aquarium doesn’t have fish)
  8. And the occasional scream of an annoying child

When we went to the aquarium it was a little full with people even though it was freezing.  It was a lot of fun getting to see all the animals.

When we arrived at our house later that evening, I went to Winter’s website and found three live web cams so you can watch Winter at home!  Anyways it was a lot of fun and a great experience.  Here’s the link to go to the web cam for Winter and her friends:


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