My Camping Trip

I went on a camping trip with my family.  We went to a state park.  We packed-up all our gear and set off.  When we arrived at the park my parents went up to the information kiosk. My parents chose a remote campsite that you had to hike a little ways out to.  The lady at the kiosk told us that the hike to our campsite was four miles.  To stay at the campsite overnight was five bucks.  We drove-out to the start of our long hike and when we arrived, my sister and I saw a horse in a small pen.  You are allowed to take dogs to this remote campsite but not the other campsites that you don’t have to hike to. So today on our camping/hiking trip, we’re taking our dogs. Our dogs’ names are Shiraz and Texas.  I have to walk Shiraz and my sister walks Texas.  When everything is packed into backpacks we start our long hike, destined for disaster. My mom and dad have to carry two heavy backpacks on this hike (one each) and a really heavy ice chest.  In the beginning of our hike to the campsite, my parents had to stop about every quarter mile because of the heavy ice chest. They were carrying one backpack on their backs and they each held the handle on each side of the ice chest.  It kinda hurt them so they had to switch hands every once-in-a-while.   My parents were very uncomfortable while holding all that stuff so my mom decides to pull the ice chest like a sled. My dad almost always has some strong cord with him (insert joke here) and he does this time so he ties his cord to the ice chest and my mom pulls the other end.  My mom said “I can do this for eight miles!” (she was pulling the chest on the short grass then).  When my mom got to the sandy part of the trail she said that it was extremely hard to pull it (so much for eight miles!).  We were already two miles out by then and finally my dad just dumped his heavy backpack in the bush and said that when we reached the campsite he would come back and get it later.  My dad took-over the ice chest sled and went ahead of us of all (thinking that he would reach the campsite sooner and do everyone a favor).  My dad didn’t think that the ice chest was to heavy (because he’s bigger and can handle more).  At that point my mom has already suggested to let the dogs run loose (off of their leashes) on the trail, my dad is way up ahead on the trail and is going to fast to catch-up, I’m afraid that we’re gonna get lost, and the map provided at the information kiosk kinda sucks.  Besides all that I was having a great time!  I finally managed to catch-up to my dad and when I did we went ahead together (again thinking that we would reach there first and get this hike over-with).  After a little while we noticed that we had left my mom and my sister way behind on the trail. Dad decided to leave the ice chest in the middle of the trail and for us to walk back and re-unite with the others.   The dogs were still loose and I can’t believe that Shiraz didn’t run off (we don’t have to worry about Texas because he’s already trained).  When dad and I finally reached my sister and my mom, we walked back to the ice chest that we left earlier.  My dad still needed to grab his backpack that he left in the bush so he left.  He came back a minute later to give my mom his survival knife.  That’s when I remembered that I had brought my walkie-talkies. My sister and I always play games at our house where we use these walkie-talkies and for some reason I brought them on this trip so I suggested that dad take one so that we can stay connected.  Dad took one walkie-talkie and I took the other walkie-talkie. Then he left and what-do-you-know it was happy hour in mosquito village!  My sister and my mom and I were eaten alive!

Suddenly my mom had an idea. Maybe if we moved to a sandy spot in the trail, there would be fewer mosquitos.

We walked back towards the way dad went and walked until we found a sandy spot in the trail (we left the ice chest behind).After we found a sandy spot there were fewer mosquitos.  I guess mom was right!  When dad came back with his backpack we all agreed that it was to late to try to go to our remote campsite (the park was already closed and it was extremely dark).  My dad built a fire and pitched a tent.” Shiraz had a fun time in the sand. She dug in the sand and sand flew all over my red bag and the sand also landed on my sister’s leg.  My sister was sitting down on the sand and suddenly. AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] My sister was bit by none-other-than… the scorpion!  That was the last straw for my mom.  We weren’t camping there on the trail tonight. My dad absolutely loves surviving in the wilderness so he’s almost always prepared.  My dad has a snake and scorpion bite kit and my mom put lavender oil on the bite and my sister said, after it was healed, “I couldn’t even tell that it was there.” It was probably Shiraz that dug up the scorpion and when the sand landed on my sister’s leg, then that’s when the scorpion bit her.  We put out the fire before we left to go back all the way to the truck so we could drive the truck back up the trail get our stuff and camp at one of the regular campsites.  All of that went as planned and we had a very bumpy ride back up the trail.  We gathered our stuff and decided to continue up the trail to see what our remote campsite looks like. The trail was getting narrower and we had to turn around and go to a regular campsite.  So actually we spent five dollars on a campsite that we never even saw! We drove to a regular campsite and stayed over-night.  The park ranger came in the morning and told us that there weren’t any dogs allowed there and when my dad told the park ranger our story he told us that hiking to that remote campsite is actually the longest way to get there!  He also told us that he hoped that we would come again and then he left.  We actually hiked more than we camped but it was a good learning experience and I actually had a good time!


3 thoughts on “My Camping Trip

  1. That was quite a story! I thought I was reading a short story like you find in magazines…Great job! Awesome memory, and remind me never to go where you all went:)
    Love you, Grandma Connie

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