Today on My Fishing Trip

Today I went on a fishing trip with my family to three different places: the beach, the pier, and the bay.  The first place we went to fish was the beach.  We bought some live bait at a small bait and tackle shop.  We bought shrimp and squid as bait.  For a while we didn’t catch anything there.  Maybe a nibble here and there but we didn’t catch anything.  We were there for an hour or two until my mom finally caught a small fish.  I don’t know what it was but it was really small so my mom used it as bait hoping to catch a bigger fish.  When we were finally done catching nothing, my parents decided to go to the pier to try to catch something there.  We didn’t catch anything there and so after about thirty minutes we left to go to the bay to fish.  We threw out our lines baited with squid and after waiting for some time my dad’s pole was getting a bite.  My dad was busy so I grabbed his pole and when I pulled it up on the bank I saw it was saltwater catfish (also known as a hard head).  My sister kept casting her pole into the tree and when she finally did cast it into the water, she got stuck on something.  My dad had to step in and get her off whatever she was stuck on.  When my dad got the line out of the water there was a fish on the end. I don’t know what the fish is called.  I had a great day fishing today.


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