Today at the Hockey Game

Photo on 11-14-13 at 5.00 PMhockey game

Photo on 11-16-13 at 1.47 PM

Today some randdom person handed out tickets for a hockey game that would be at the Tampa Bay Forum. My dad took some tickets home and we went to the hockey game. There were fans in hockey jerseys all over the place. I only stayed for the first quarter of the game because it was really loud for my little sitter and we had seen enough. The game was the Tampa Bay vs. Anaheim Ducks. Anaheim is in California I believe. My sister and I bought some candy and flaming hot Cheetos at a gas station before we went to the game. After being there for awhile and eating some chips our mouths were really hot (and flaming) we needed some water. My dad went to get a bottle of water and when he came back with the water he said it was four dollars! I have no idea who won the game but it was a good experience.


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