My Hamster’s Gone!


My Hamster’s cage was completely open and she crawled out of her cage. My family was in another room so we didn’t know she escaped. My mom finally noticed that the cage was open (nice job mom!).
Everyone ran to my bedroom (were the cage was) and started looking for her. In the year 1984, scientists had discovered a tracking device (not really) so people could find their lost pets. I just-so-happen to have one of these devices at my home from my great uncle (a scientist). I scanned the room with my device from my great uncle and the device started beeping. As I got closer to my sister’s bed the device beeped so loudly that I knew for sure that my hamster was there. I looked under my sister’s bed and there was my hamster. That’s just A small piece of proof that old devices really do work in situations like these.


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